About Me

Born in 1984. I studied Illustration & Multimedia Animation at the IED in Rome, master in digital coloring at the International Academy of Comics. I worked for an animation studio, advertising agencies and publishing houses. Professor of illustration at the IID (Italian Design Institute) of Perugia. I deal with Illustration, comic, storyboard and character design.

When we were children we dressed more or less like that.

The city where i studied.

Photoshop is powerful but the first love is forever

I've always wanted one, even if for now I'm fine with a small car.

When it is possible, walking barefoot makes me feel free

They are evil

"Tanto te ci metti 10 minuti" "you will take 10 minutes to do it"

Cliente Client

"Ceni con noi?" "Do you want to have dinner with us?"

mi madre Mother

"E ce lo caghi che sei un'artista!" (cit.) "Try to us that you are an artist!" (quote)

Banana old friend of mine

"Vien qua o te ce fo la giunta!" "Come here or you'll take more!"

mi nonna Grandmother